Lucid Dreaming

If you've ever had a vivid, totally awaken-in-sleep lucid dream or nightmare, you might have experienced astral projection, an out-of-body voyage which is similar to death; after the body is dead, one enters the bardo, or between-lives afterlife, where remote readers and psychics travel in astral and parallel worlds.


The sci-fi movie Inception has captured the public's attention. The Webster Dictionary tells us that Inception comes from late medieval English meaning beginning. Perhaps we are seeing a new beginning of interest in lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Interest in lucid dreaming and its partner astral travel is a healthy sign of a renewed involvement with the inner world.

Secret of The Ancients

To go up you must go down. On the face of it, this is nothing more than a silly little quip that may or may not elicit a chuckle. This is an unfortunate by-product of translation. If the proper phrase travel within had been used instead of "go down". And if achieve transcendence had been used instead of "go up," this would have been so much less cryptic. With proper translation "To go up you must go down" becomes To achieve transcendence you must travel within. That is the Secret of The Ancients.

Brave New Worlds

Traveling within, one finds bountiful expanses of new worlds waiting for exploration. Vivid, lucid, more real than real are all phrases used to describe these new domains.

But, how does one get there?

Almost everyone will spontaneously enter these realms from time to time. Without training it is rare, but it happens. Sometimes we label these experiences as wonderfully vivid dreams. Sometimes we label these experiences are nightmares.

Learning to voluntarily enter a lucid dream at will, and learning to travel safely within a lucid dream requires training and practice. This is something best learned from a dream master -- E.J. Gold is one such individual.

Proper Training & Initiations

We offer a full course of training and sequence of Akashic Initiations. This is all part of a comprehensive system designed to give you the tools you need to explore your own inner world. Lucid dreaming, astral projection, astral travel, parallel worlds are just a part of the journey. Contact us to find out more about lucid dreaming and its role in your life adventure.